How to Fix Avast Error 1316 or Specified Account Already Exists?
Do you also come across with Avast Error 1316 or Specified Account Already Exists issue at the time of uninstalling a piece of adobe software? In order to install a latest version of Adobe premiere elements, you have to uninstall the previous version first. But, due to this bizarre error, the uninstaller stop working leaving you highly annoyed.
This same error can crop up with several other elements of adobe too like, within Photoshop elements, a handful of other adobe products and also in some Microsoft products. Well, it turns out that this error 1316 is not that hard of a fix and you don't really even need to know about this bizarre error in detail. It just takes a few clicks of your mouse to clear out this error. To be familiar with the steps to remove this error, firstly you need to make a call at our Avast Customer Care Number and then get united with our tech experts.

To clear out this error, you can also try below-mentioned measures:

So let's begin:

Go for Microsoft FixIt, and take a copy of their Uninstall Fixer utility.

Once it's downloaded, run it by choosing the program you're having trouble with from its menu. Allow it to fix whatsoever it finds.

Head back to Windows' Add / Remove Programs and try uninstalling your program again.

Now, grasp a copy of free IOBit Uninstaller, and install it.

Once it installed you will see a new button at the top of add/remove window saying "Powerful Uninstall".

Choose the program you want to remove and then tap on the Powerful Uninstall button.

Let it run the original uninstaller and then it will scan your computer registry for any problem.

Once it done scanning, you will get a tree view of data related to your problem. Simply check the files you want to delete and uncheck which you don't want to remove.

When it's done cleaning, reboot your computer.

That's it! Now, go ahead and install your new program without worrying about the specified account already exist problem. If you face any issue while pursuing any measures, then we recommend you to call at Avast Customer Support Phone Number and avail the support from highly experienced professionals. For sure, their help will solve your entire issues related to this problem in no time.

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